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7 T Human MRI System

7 T Human MRI System Leading Research Equipment Home

7 T Human MRI System

Equipment Introduction

The ultra-high-field 7 T human MRI system can provide ultra-high-resolution (~0.2 mm) images comparable to those of conventional 1.5 T or 3 T MRI systems. Many collaborators can join studies on brain functions and anatomic structures to solve national health issues.

Equipment Characteristics

  • Actively shielded compact 7 Tesla superconducting magnet
  • Actively shielded gradient and 8-channel transmit and 32-channel receive RF systems
  • Ultra-high-resolution images and high-resolution spectroscopic analysis
  • Multi-nuclear (13C, 23Na and 31P) imaging and spectroscopic analysis

Representative Research Case

Development of ultra-high-resolution 7 T MRI human brain imaging protocols

  • High-performance human brain imaging protocols were developed based on the 7 T MRI, which has a better signal-to-noise ratio than the conventional 3 T MRI
  • We have constructed an ultra-high-field 7 T MRI image analysis platform for the leading functions in brain imaging science, such as ultra-high-resolution anatomical imaging (T 1, T 2 weighted image), diffusion tensor imaging, magnetic susceptibility weighted imaging, cerebral angiography, brain functional imaging, and brain metabolism analysis
  • High-resolution anatomical images, magnetic susceptibility image,
    cerebral angiography, and GE-EPI for brain function (top). Anatomical comparison images of 3 T and 7 T MRI on the human cerebellum (bottom).